Hi, this is Dr Carriero. This section is just some more common ankle problems or injuries I see most often.  Over the past 11 years I have done hundreds of ankle fractures and Achilles tendon rupture repairs, personal tendon repairs , ankle scopes and fusions..  I was even the first surgeon on the West Coast to use a tightrope, which has evolved into one of the biggest breakthroughs in ankle fracture management.  I really enjoy fracture repair, ankle arthroscopy and achilles repairs.  However due to such a diverse array of ankle problems I have a lot of experience and enjoy peroneal tendon repairs, subluxation repair, ankle fusions, posterior tibial tendon repair and tarsal tunnel release.  For ankle surgery to have successful outcomes it is also important to understand a patients biomechanics.  My podiatric training and practicing in orthopedics gives me a clinical advantage. Of course most of the things I see in practice do not require surgery. I enjoy watching patients heal non-operatively jut as much.  Using the best braces on the market and having some of the best physical therapist around is absolutely wonderful.

Common Ankle Problems

Achilles Tendonitis Rupture
Ankle Arthritis
Ankle Fracture
Ankle Sprain/Ankle Instability
Ankle Spurs
Ostoechondritis Dessicans(OCD)
Retrocalcaneal Exotosis/Haglunds