Hallux Varus

Hallux Varus treatment in Encinitas
Hallux Varus surgery in Carlsbad and Encinitas

Hallux Varus is a degenerative dislocation of the big toe joint. Causes include trauma and over-correction during bunion surgery, resulting in pain, restricted range of motion, and alterations in gait pattern. Conservative measures include orthotics, stiff-soled shoes, and strapping techniques.

Once conservative measures fail, treatment options include tightrope soft tissue reconstruction for mild arthritis and mild deformity. For advanced deformity and advanced arthritis, first MPJ fusion provides the most reliable outcome. This provides patients with a stable, pain-free joint and provides patients the ability to return to normal activities. Essentially, trading a painful stiff joint for a non-painful stiff joint.

My approach is to use locking plate technology combined with stem cell grafting called Trinity. This expedites healing, shortens recovery time, and provides a more predictable outcome. This allows patients to weight bear post-operatively in a protective boot, typically for 4-6 weeks.

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