Patient Testimonials

Some of Dr Keenan Carriero’s patients share their stories and experiences while under his care. If you have a story to share, we would love to get your feedback.



“Foi uma honra ter sido tratado pelo Dr. Carriero, o verdadeiro faixa preta da ortopedia.
Muito obrigado não só pela exelente cirurgia no meu pé mas por todo o acompanhamento no pós cirurgia.
Você é um verdadeiro doutor.”

“It was an honor to have been treated by Dr. Carriero, the true Black Belt in orthopedics.
Thank you not only for an excellent foot surgery but for all the monitoring in post surgery.
You’re a real doctor.”

Royler Gracie
World Class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion


“After sustaining a career threatening foot and ankle injury back in November 2014 while training in Thailand, my case was referred to Dr. Carriero by another doctor who felt like it was too much for him to handle.

Dr. Carriero took his time to be sure he did all he could to get me back on my feet and was very honest with me about the severity and complexity of the injury.  From our first appointment I was in surgery 2 weeks later, on December 11th (waiting for swelling to go down).

Through many post op visits and following Dr. Carriero’s advice word for word recovery and rehab went better and faster than expected.  I was partial weight bearing with in 6 weeks, full weight bearing in a boot in about 9 weeks, and out of the boot 3 months after surgery.  I’m now just under 5 months post surgery and am back training full time, starting to run and jump rope, as well as being back sparing (boxing).

After initially being told I’d be looking at  1-2 years for a full recovery, I feel fully confident I will be back 100% in less than a year thanks to Dr. Carriero being fully commited to getting me back in the ring.”

Casey Parlett
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter




“In June of 2014, I was surfing in Puerto Escondido aka the ‘Mexican Pipeline,’ when I took a spill on a backside barrel. The wave compressed me into my board and in the process I broke my fibula, shredded the ligaments in my ankle, and tore the Lisfranc ligament in my foot.

After making it home I went to see my general practitioner but he was unable to diagnose what had happened. It was only after Dr. Keenan Carriero saw the results of my MRI that I discovered what was wrong. Keenan, an old friend from high school, immediately scheduled me for surgery. After performing a successful surgery where he fixed my ankle and foot, I began the long process of healing. At times my foot felt so good that I’d call Keenan and ask if I could start doing certain activities like walking, riding a bike, swimming, etc. He urged me to wait and stay off the foot, which wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but abided regardless.

My foot and ankle gradually got better and better and by the time winter swells rolled around, I was back in action and surfing. I came to learn that the Lisfranc tear is a pretty serious injury and for football players and other professional athletes it can be a career ender. It’s been eight months since Dr. Carriero performed the surgery and I’m on track to be 100% healed by June—just like Keenan told me after the operation.

I can’t thank Dr. Carriero enough for getting me back on my feet. And while I wish a Lisfranc tear on nobody, if it does happen, Dr. Carriero is the guy to fix you up!”

Justin Coté
Big Wave Surfer


“After six months off running with a foot injury and misdiagnosis by two podiatrists and a foot surgeon, I was finally referred by a friend of mine to see Dr Carriero in February of 2014. He diagnosed my injury right away and a few weeks later I had surgery to remove a large neuroma and repair a partially torn plantar plate ligament in my right foot. Within three months post surgery, I was able to resume my triathlon career and was back competing as a professional triathlete. I can’t thank Dr Carriero enough and just wish I had known about him sooner!”

Read her blog post about Dr Carriero on: Off On The Right Foot

Donna Phelan
Professional Triathlete




“I was having constant ankle issues, both in the left and right ankle, before I met with Dr. Carriero.

Since then, he has operated on both of my ankles, [internal ligament brace ankle stabilization surgery], and they have been the strongest they have been in years!

I can finally do the things I need to do on and off the board with them.”

Riley Hawk
Pro Skateboarder


“Dr. Carriero has been my surgeon for several years and from day one he has always taken excellent care of me. I have had three surgeries with him and every single surgery worked out great! My recoveries have always been on time or early, and I am always able to perform at the same level as I did before the injury. Before my first surgery I was told that a turf toe injury has ended people’s careers, but Dr. Carriero had me skating at 100% in just over six months! I HIGHLY recommend anyone with a foot/ankle injury to go and see him, he will take great care of you!”

Manvinder Singh

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